About The Show

dave westwood

Hey everyone, thank you for checking out my website and podcast, I really hope you enjoy it! Just a little bit about me. I have always had a love for radio, when I was a kid, I used to listen to baseball games from far away cities on my little record player that had an AM radio on it (this was long before the days of apps that could do the same thing).  Since that point, I had wanted to be a disc jockey.  In college, I worked for the college radio station and worked in radio for a brief time after.  However, my dad was very ill and I had to work full-time to support him and since radio wasn’t paying the bills, my dream was put on hold.  While working full-time in the convenience store industry as a manager, I still did disc jockey work at weddings, parties and clubs.  Through the years, my career has advanced and I now work as a business consultant in the convenience store industry.

In addition to working a full time job, my wife Kim and I own a successful pet sitting company, that we have ran since 2009.  It was our love for animals along with Kim’s desire to stay home after our son Josh was born that prompted us to start the company.  In my spare time, I coach my son’s baseball and flag football teams.

So with everything going on, why in the world would I start a podcast?   Honestly, while I love my daytime job and the pet sitting business is very rewarding personally, my dream of being in broadcasting never really died.  With about an hour commute each way to work and always being in the car going to pet sitting jobs, I got hooked on podcasts.   This got me thinking, with the accessibility of podcasting, maybe I could do one?  (You’ll notice I didn’t say ease, because anyone that has done it knows it’s not easy)

That’s when the fun began because I thought, what should I talk about?  I didn’t want to do a solo podcast but didn’t have a co-host and didn’t think being a new podcaster, I would be ready to do a full podcast alone, so I thought of an interview format.  I had originally thought about doing a podcast on the pet care industry, interviewing experts in the field.  I had plenty of contacts and thought I could be successful, but also was concerned that I would “podfade” as I only had so many topics to talk about.  So what could I talk about, get good guests and not run out of topics to talk about?  That’s how New and Noteworthy was born.

My thinking was that there are always new podcasts on the New and Noteworthy lists on iTunes and Stitcher so I wouldn’t run out of guests.  Furthermore, because these podcast hosts were new, they would likely be eager to be interviewed and promote their show, and hopefully promote their appearances on my show as well.

So I had my topic and my show name.  Many people ask, won’t Apple make you stop using the New and Noteworthy name?   I hope not!  As I mentioned earlier, Stitcher also has a New and Noteworthy list and I did check the FTC website, and the term isn’t trademarked.  Like Apple and Stitcher, I want to promote these new podcasters and help them grow.  So as a disclaimer, my podcast is not affiliated with Apple or Stitcher in any way.  The name aside, one thing that amazes me is that no one has thought of this format previously.

One side benefit of doing this podcast is that I have had the opportunity to interview some amazing people, that have great stories to tell.  These are people that I would have never had a chance to connect had I not started this podcast.  For that, I am incredibly grateful.  If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, please check out the show and  if you like it, subscribe so you can hear every episode.  And if you like the guests, take the time to tune in to their shows as well.  I personally listen to every guest’s show at least once and subscribe to quite a few of the, so I can tell you that my guest’s have a lot to offer.  In addition to subscribing to our show, please don’t hesitate to give me feedback by leaving a review at iTunes or Stitcher.  You can also email me at: dave (at) newandnoteworthy (dot) net.   Thanks again for stopping by!