The guest of Episode 24 is Chris Marr, who is the founder of Learning Everyday, which has been established to assist small businesses with marketing and business development.  He has also established The Content Marketing Academy, Scotland’s first and only annual content marketing conference, and is the founder and host of The Marketing Academy Podcast, both of which are great examples of Chris’ commitment to promoting marketing and guiding business owners.


Topics covered:

  • What content marketing is and why is it so important to businesses
  • Why businesses don’t blog more often or leverage social media, despite its importance
  • Chris’ unique podcast launch strategy
  • What Chris believes is more challenging, blogging, podcasting or video content and which platform has the most reach
  • The Content Marketing Academy


Other tools and resources mentioned:

The Marketing Academy Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

Learning Everyday website

Chris Marr on Facebook and Twitter


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