The guest of Episode 25 is Ani Alexander, host of the podcast “Write 2 B Read”.  Ani left her corporate career to become an author and has penned the best-selling fiction books DreamDown and Highfall.  Her podcast features interviews with authors and resources for people looking to write their own novels.  Ani also coaches others aspiring to write.  Some of the topics discussed in this episode:


  • How the Kindle platform has helped open doors for authors to get published
  • How Kindle Unlimited program will impact authors.
  • How authors that self-publish their books can make their books look as good as traditional publishers
  • How Ani’s has reached a worldwide audience, despite living in Armenia and what people from her country think of her doing a podcast
  • The differences in audience engagement between blogging, podcasting and writing a book


Other links and resources mentioned:

Write 2 B Read on iTunes and Stitcher

Ani Alexander on Facebook and Twitter

Highfall on Amazon

DreamDown on Amazon

Podcast Incubator


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