The guest of Episode 28 is Josh LaFrance who is an IT supervisor for a school district in Vermont.  Josh also has a successful computer repair business and is the host of the weekly podcast “Mr. Techie’s Computer Academy”.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Josh’s tech rewind episodes
  • Josh’s fiance Amy and her role on the show
  • How the podcast has helped Josh’s computer repair business
  • The demographics of the typical person looking for computer training
  • Josh’s opinion of the new iPhone 6
  • Where the battle between Apple, Android and Windows Phone is going as well as Mac vs. PC
  • Josh’s opinions on the Chromebook and the Google platform
  • Google, Facebook: Is there really privacy in an online world?
  • Google’s business platform, Google Docs for Business
  • The future of computing and mobile platforms
  • The app YikYak and bullying in schools


Other links and resources:

Mr. Techie’s Computer Academy on iTunes and Stitcher

Josh LaFrance on Facebook and Twitter

Avira (anti-virus software)

Google Drive

K9 Web Protection

Mr. Techie website


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