Today’s guest, Jessica Sitomer, has been an actress, a writer, producer and director in Hollywood for nearly 2 decades.  She is now a seminar leader, public speaker and coach in the industry.  She’s also is the host of the podcast “Finding Happily Ever After”.


Some of the topics we talked about:

  •  How “Pretty Woman” and “The Monkees” that inspired Jessica to be an actress.
  • Suffering from burnout and health issues
  • The Dirty Virgin Sisterhood and why Jessica doesn’t drink alcohol
  • Transitioning from in front of the camera to behind the scenes and into coaching
  • How coaching people in the entertainment industry is different than those in other walks of life
  • What Comcast, Vagisil and hormone balancing have to do with the importance of a business name
  • Jessica’s new reality show called “Lights, Camera, Action”


Other links and resources mentioned:

 Jessica’s podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

The Greenlight Coach Website

The D.V. Sisterhood Website

Jessica’s book And…Action! Powerful, Proven, and Proactive Strategies to Achieve Success in the Entertainment Industry

Jessica’s book Dirty Virgin

Jessica Sitomer on Facebook and Twitter