My guest on National Podcast Day is the host of the wildly successful “Entrepreneur on Fire”, the podcast that has aired nearly 700 daily episodes.  Although that show is not new, he has a new show called Quotes on Fire that we talked about.  Some of the other key topics we talked about:


  • John’s motivation for doing a second daily podcast and how others reacted when he decided to do one
  •  John’s favorite success quote


  • The tool John has in place and recommends to entrepreneurs to get more accomplished
  • How John’s military background helped with the discipline to do two daily podcasts
  • The role Kate Erickson plays in the Entrepreneur on Fire brand and Fire Nation
  • The podcasts John listens to
  • John’s podcasting community, Podcasters Paradise
  • What John Lee Dumas would do in the next 7 days if he woke up tomorrow morning in a brand new world, identical to earth, but knew nobody. John, how can people connect with you?

Other links and resources mentioned:

Quotes On Fire on iTunes and Stitcher

Schedule Once (Scheduling app)

Podcasters Paradise (free informational webinar)

Quotes on Fire website

John Lee Dumas on Twitter and Facebook

National Podcast Day