Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • How she met her husband and some of the obstacles she faced before that could be applied to business
  • How truly big the pet sitting industry is
  • What is a professional pet sitter?
  • Why starting a pet sitting business simply because of a love for animals is a bad idea.
  • The challenges pet sitters face in growing their business
  • The importance of working on your business and not in it and why business owners don’t do it
  • The importance of having staff in place
  • Pricing your services right
  • Bella’s two rules when coaching other pet sitters
  • The inspiring story of Bella giving birth and #cakepopmonday
  • The benefits of community and coaching in business
  • How blogging can help your business
  • The types of coaching Bella offers


Other links and resources mentioned:

Bella in Your Business on iTunes and Stitcher

Jump Consulting, Bella’s coaching website

Bella and Alex’s family website

Marcus Sheridan’s The Sales Lion (free download)

Bella Vasta on Facebook and Twitter

Bella’s YouTube channel

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