Some of the topics covered:

  • The challenges of having a business and being a mom
  • Trying to fit in
  • Why being an entrepreneur is the “worst kind of working mom there is”
  • The pressures of trying to be SuperMom and embracing not being perfect
  • Reconciling with the fact that giving birth was unlikely for Dr. Karen
  • Having that “it moment” as an adoptive parent
  • Insensitive remarks by others regarding infertility and adoption
  • The different types of adoption and why Dr. Karen chose the path she did
  • The age in which it’s appropriate to discuss adoption with your adoptive kids
  • The challenges of being an older parent
  • Dr. Karen’s Facebook launch strategy for “Mom at 41”


Other links and resources mentioned:

“Mom at 41” on iTunes and Stitcher

The “Mom at 41” website

Dr. Karen Osburn on Facebook and Twitter

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