The guest on Episode 18 of “New and Noteworthy with Dave Westwood” is Dino Watt from the podcast, “The Business of Marriage”.  Dino is a professional speaker and a marriage mentor that takes a unique approach in helping couples succeed in their marriage.


Topics covered on the show:


  • What is “the business of marriage”
  • The challenges do entrepreneurs have with regard to marriages as compared to those who strictly work in the corporate world
  • How single entrepreneurs can benefit from Dino’s coaching techniques
  • “Systematizing” your marriage for success.  What does that mean?
  • How to talk about sex even when others are around
  • How to have a “balanced sexual diet”
  • Financial infidelity in marriage
  • Differences between male and female entrepreneurs and home-based entrepreneurs and brick-and-mortar business owners

Other links and resources mentioned:

“The Business of Marriage” on iTunes and Stitcher

The Business of Marriage website

The Business of Marriage YouTube channel

Dino Watt on Facebook and Twitter

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