This is the debut episode of New and Noteworthy, where we feature the best new podcasters. You will get to hear these podcasters, their journey and what inspired them to start their podcasts. Today’s episode features Nick and Pavlos Pavlidis, co-hosts of the podcast Five Minutes with Dad. Pavlos, at 5 years old, is probably the youngest podcaster to make the iTunes New and Noteworthy list (unless you count his sister Angela, who makes occasional appearances on their show). We talk with Nick first and then spend a few minutes with Pavlos.

During the interviews, we talk about:

The inspiration for the podcast
The thrill and challenges of recording a podcast with a 5 year old
Nick’s newest podcast, Confessions of a Terrible Husband, debuting in September
What Pavlos likes about the podcast
Pavlos’ birthday, starting kindergarten and his trip to Fenway Park

This was a really fun show to record, and hopefully it shows. If you like the show, make sure you check out Five Minutes with Dad and check out future episodes of New and Noteworthy on iTunes and Stitcher.

Other links and resources mentioned:

“Five Minutes with Dad” on iTunes and Stitcher

Five Minutes with Dad website

Nick Pavlidis on Twitter

A Terrible Husband website
A Terrible Husband website

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