The guests of Episode 21 are Chad Brockbrader and Kimberly Demmary, the hosts of “The Hot Girl and That Guy Podcast”, which can be heard live at 10 pm eastern every Monday night on TuneIn Radio, The Podcast Attic Network and on their website.  Chad and Kim do their show live, so this lent a more spontaneous element to the show, the outtakes were even funnier than the actual episode!

Topics covered:

  • Chad and Kim starting a podcast even though they have never met in person
  • The story behind how they came up with the show’s name
  • What Chad and Kim do in their “square” jobs
  • What their “real life friends” think about the podcast
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being part of a network
  • Doing a show live
  • How Saints of Rebellion became the house band of the show
  • Making fun of Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber and Canada


Other links mentioned:

The Hot Girl and That Guy website

The Hot Girl and That Guy Podcast on Stitcher and TuneIn Radio

Podcast Attic Network

Saints of Rebellion website

The Hot Girl and That Guy on Facebook and Twitter


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