The guest of Episode 10 was Erin Smith of The Starter’s Club podcast.  Erin has worked in corporate America, owned and sold a six-figure business and now is a business coach that helps others start and grow their businesses.  Some of the topics covered on today’s show:


  • The things that prevent people from starting their own businesses.
  • Erin’s story of becoming “unemployed” and why she shared it on YouTube
  • Why people don’t quit their jobs, even when their businesses are successful
  • Why people put their dreams on hold and how they can reignite those dreams
  • How people can figure out what they are passionate about
  • How technology has opened up opportunities that may not have been available in the past for entrepreneurs
  • Why people continue to do things they hate
  • Erin’s experience with residual income
  • The services Erin provides with her coaching business
  • The necessary tools to launch a business
  • The challenges of running a business while having young children


Other resources and links mentioned:

“The Starter’s Club” podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

The Starter’s Club website

Erin Smith on Twitter and Facebook


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