This episode’s guest, Craig Haworth, is a youth sports coach who has a website that teaches other youth coaches to become better at what they do.  He is also the host of the podcast “Winning Youth Coaching”.


Topics discussed on this episode include:


  • How coaches can positively (or negatively) impact their players off the field
  • What responsibilities youth coaches have to their players
  • The qualities winning youth coaches most often possess
  • At what age winning should become a goal for coaches
  • Best practices of youth coaching
  • Keeping kids motivated even when they aren’t performing well or the team isn’t winning
  • Effectively managing playing time for kids while maintaining a competitive environment
  • Is there a point when parents can become too meddlesome?
  • When kids don’t have a desire to play but are forced into playing by their parents
  • Whether it’s better for younger kids to play with different teammates and make new friends or play on the same teams with their friends, classmates or neighbors
  • The universal traits of a successful coach that can be applied to any sport?
  • The importance of youth coaches to seek out continuous learning


Other links and resources mentioned:

“Winning Youth Coaching” on iTunes and Stitcher

Winning Youth Coaching website

Winning Youth Coaching on Facebook and Twitter

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