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The guest of Episode 30 is Doug Goldstein.  Doug is a certified financial planner and the president of Profile Financial Services. He is also best selling author of several books and the host of “Rich as a King”, a financial podcast that uses chess as a metaphor to explain financial concepts.


Topics covered:


  • Doug’s start on  Wall Street and building up a successful financial practice in the States before moving to Israel with your family.
  • The economic differences between Israel and the United States
  • The types of services Doug does for clients
  • The types of financial matters that are most important to individuals relocating from the United States
  • The differences between Rich as a King and Doug’s other podcast, Goldstein on Gelt
  • Why it’s more effective to have an annual budget than a monthly budget
  • The most critical keys to building wealth
  • How chess strategies can be applied to personal finance


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