No Student Loans Needed: Get Your “$100 MBA” with Omar Zenhom – Episode 22


The guest of Episode 22 is Omar Zenhom, who was an educator and university master for 13 years.  He later attended and dropped out Wharton Business School to start the $100 MBA, a successful online community that teaches entrepreneurs how to start, improve and grow their businesses.  His podcast of the same name has also reached the top of the New and Noteworthy list on iTunes in business.


  • How important Omar feels a college education is
  • All about the $100 MBA program
  • The importance of community when starting or growing an online business
  • Why the $100 MBA program is so inexpensive
  • How online teaching compares with traditional instruction
  • Omar’s fiance Nicole and her role within the business
  • Omar’s previous failures in podcasting
  • How the podcast has helped Omar’s online business


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The $100 MBA Show on iTunes and Stitcher

The $100 MBA website

The $100 MBA | Facebook and Omar Zenhom (@BizRepublic) | Twitter


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