The guest of Episode 26 is Simon Granner of The Simon Granner Show, where he interviews today’s entrepreneurs.  Simon is also a business coach who helps entrepreneurs “level up” their lives and their businesses through the implementation of systems and processes.


Some of the topics discussed:


  • How fellow podcaster Chris Cerrone of the Cerrone Show inspired Simon and whether he self-titled his podcast because of Chris.
  • The advantages of “branding yourself” compared to building a name brand?
  • The pros and cons of going after big names to interview when starting a podcast
  • The ideal guests to help grow your podcast
  • The challenges of doing a video podcast
  • Implementing systems to make your business and life more efficient (and why people don’t do them)
  • What Simon did to prepare for his wedding and why it delayed the air date of this episode
  • How to build your online business offline


Other links:

The Simon Granner Show on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud

Simon Granner’s website

Simon Granner on Facebook and Twitter