The guest of Episode 34 of “New and Noteworthy with Dave Westwood” is Darrin Bentley of “Big Wig Nation”.  Darrin is a rock musician, has worked on Wall Street and interviews some of today’s biggest influencers that are successful in all areas of life on his show.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Why Darrin’s show isn’t for everyone
  • Darrin’s advancement in his career despite being a high school dropout
  • Why Darrin turned down a 6-figure job offer and how he had the support of his wife
  • The definition of a “Big Wig”
  • Accountability to yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Darrin’s strategy to get high-profile guests
  • Darrin’s favorite type of music and favorite movies


Other links:

Big Wig Nation on iTunes and Stitcher

Big Wig Nation website

Darrin Bentley on Facebook and Twitter