Joel Boggess is a best selling author of the Amazon best selling book Finding Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter, Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Direction. His wife, Dr. Pei Kang is a gifted endodontist and yoga instructor. Together they are both life coaches and co-hosts of the 6 day per week podcast “ReLaunch” and were the guests on Episode 7 of New and Noteworthy. Some of the topics covered:

  • How Joel and Pei define “relaunch”
  • Why people take a different path than they want to or were meant to
  • Knowing whether taking a different path is the right path or not
  • How Joel and Pei successfully produce a 6 day per week podcast
  • The benefits of a life coach and what a life coach teaches
  • Similarities and differences between Joel and Pei’s life coaching styles
  • How Joel and Pei met
  • The challenges of working with a spouse
  • Using Twitter as a platform to launch and grow their show
  • The strategies behind booking high-profile guests

Other links and resources mentioned:

Joel’s book, Finding Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter; Discover Clarity, Confidence and Direction

Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect”

“ReLaunch” on iTunes and Stitcher

Joel and Pei’s website, Finding Your Voice Radio

Joel’s Twitter

Pei’s Twitter

Phil Jackson’s book Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

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