Trevor LaRene is a registered nurse, a teacher and a life coach.  He is the host of the podcast “Make Your Someday Today” and the featured guest of Episode 5.  Some of the topics discussed;


  • How Trevor lost 87 pounds and have kept it off for nearly 2 years.
  • The app Lose It, and how important it was in Trevor’s weight loss.
  • Trevor’s transition from working as an emergency room supervisor to teaching and becoming a life coach.
  • Trevor’s love for food, beer and being a chef and brewmaster.
  • The importance of not only a healthy lifestyle but how to be successful in life
  • Why people procrastinate and what they can do to stop
  • The importance of accountability partners in achieving goals.


Other links and resources mentioned:

“Make Your Someday Today” on iTunes

Lose It app on iOs and Android

Trevor’s website

Trevor’s Twitter

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