The guest for Episode 33 is Jim Adams, who hosts “Family Matters First” with his wife Teresa.  Jim is called Mr. Enthusiasm for his energetic style of presenting God’s word on the subject’s of marriage, family, fathering, and leadership training. Adopted when he was 2 weeks old, Jim would grow up to be an AP All-American football player at Delta State and was named to their sports hall of fame.  While in college, he would meet his wife and they would go on to have 4 children.


Some of the topics covered:


  • Why most people don’t know how to be married or be in a healthy relationship
  • Can couples be successful in their relationships without having a relationship with God?
  • How failures affected Jim’s marriage and how he and his wife overcame the trials and tribulations
  • How children change the dynamics of a marriage
  • The common themes that come up with couples in their relationships
  • How Jim and Teresa’s styles complement each other
  • Why marriage is not a 50-50 partnership
  • Servant leadership within a marriage


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