Josh Elledge New and NoteworthyThe guest of Episode 36 is Josh Elledge (@joshelledge)the founder and Chief Executive Angel of (@savingsangel), which has helped saved shoppers tens of millions of dollars in the past 8 years. He is also the host of the podcast “90 Days to Abundance”, which not only shares some of the content from SavingsAngel but also shares tips to increase income.  


Topics covered:


  • How Josh became a savings expert
  • How people can save $300-$400/month on groceries using Savings Angel
  • Who is the typical customer using Savings Angel
  • Why Josh decided to not use the Savings Angel brand when doing his podcast
  • Types of savings tips offered on the podcast
  • Josh’s new venture,  


Other links and resources:


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Savings Angel website

Millions in Free Media website

Savings Angel on Facebook and Twitter

Josh Elledge on Twitter